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Meaningful Date Night at Shaarei Tefillah with Rabbi Rafi and Shira Feb 2019

🌟What a powerful night at Shaarei Tefilla last night. Interactive, deep and hilarious Rabbi Rafi Lipner and his amazing wife Shira had everyone rapt with their fantastic talk “Putting Relationships First” at our JFI Meaningful Date Night!!! ❤️❤️

This was the last of a three part series and what an awesome time we had, thanks to Rachel Weinstein who was my partner in crime for making it happen and for bringing her living room 🙂 🍷🙏

Thanks to Monday Silver and Ilana Kendal for being our first and second speakers, to Amy Laski, Daveeda Goldberg, Jodi Katz and for being amazing help, spreading the word and supporting and to the over 150 people who came out to connect, laugh and learn together 👍🏻💕🎉can’t wait for what’s next...

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