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Never Give Up

In the spirit of our Self Steps Middah of the Month Perseverance, I've been using this talk with my classes and talking about this amazing journey. I've also been reading this article that has really changed how I'm thinking about teaching girls, women and even my own daughter about resilience and taking on challenges, it's called The Trouble with Bright Girls and outlines why smart girls have a harder time persevering.

So many of our conversations this week have been around what are some of the tools we use to get through hard times, and I've been using this article as a jumping off point for all of us to begin to explore our own toolbelt that helps us keep keeping on, even when all we want to do is lie down and eat chocolate. If we are thinking of adversity as a diamond, these 7 ways to develop and supercharge our perseverance are like facets of that diamond that make it all the more powerful.

Happy Persevering!

xo Ellie.

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